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Quick Summary

"kitesonconsignment.com" is a company made up of 2 divisions; the place to look for kites, kite pins, kite related things, silk Asian kites, and parachuting parafauna, kimonos and even beautiful custom hand made banner flags.

Kites on Consignment is the place for YOU to SELL your kites that you have grown tired of, or don't fly anymore. Kites on Consignment is also the place to BUY someone else's kite(s), BUY factory "end runs" or display kites, units from stores and kite manufacturers. You may have wanted to buy an unusual kite but didn't want to pay its full price. We also "bundle" kites and kite related goods so you can buy for parties, sport kite teams and schools.

Burlesque Kites handles custom made banners, flags and collectable designer kite pins. All custom banners and flags are made in house in E. Stroudsburg, Pa. Our kite pins are from kite festivals and kite events all over the USA. We have historical kite pins and miscellaneous pins as well. We also have, from the Orient, an array of beautifully colored cotton, rayon and silk Kimonos.

We sell Parafauna (stuffed animals) that parachute from kites or kite lines. We also make our own parachutes, harnesses and packs. They can be color coordinated to the animal or kite, or funky psychedelic colors,---- all for the fun of it. A custom made BK Release (that's how the Parafauna is dropped from the kite) is available through Burlesque Kites