We Sell Kite Pins

Andy has collected and sold kite pins across the country for the last 10 years. Where possible he would buy more than one and put the others for sale. He still buy pins - do you want him to buy your's or put your's on consignment?

Of course the majority of pins are from the East Coast & Eastern League but Andy was able to buy out a few collectors along the way. He offers these pins to you. They are sorted by Historical from Drachen Foundation, Festivals from around the country, Miscellaneous kite pins and non kite related Dinosour pins. All pins are cloisonee unless other wise noted.

The selling price per pin is $6.00(or more)+ $1.00 S&H each for the first 5 pins purchased. If you purchase 6 pins or more at one time, we send them postage paid. Any 10 pins - OUR choice - NO duplicates - $35.00 postage paid. Any 10 pins - YOUR choice - $50.00 postage paid. Call for information on purchasing larger quantities.