Photos of Fauna We Have " 'Chuted", Packed and Harnessed.
These fauna are not for sale.

Our Pictures
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Description of the Pictures
ACE - the first bear dropped in 1991. He now has over 240 drops.
Addie joined Ace and she is a little squimish so she only has 60 some drops to her record.
Demo Bear has done it all. He is the daredevil of the group and wears the proof to show it.
Kimono Bear is made of Mohair and sports the black kimono of the founder of LVKS. He also has the "ponytail" that used to belong to him.
BEE - Buzzing Bee drops with her two baby bees.
FRIENDS - Sandy and Dirk's fauna at Kitesville USA in Florida.
EMO - The largest one yet. Emo, a 6' tall gorilla with a 'chute 12' in diameter, jumps for John Rogers in San Diego, California.
DRAGON - 20" tall, plays on beaches at Treasure Island, Florida with Rick Beaman.
Ben Franklin Bear was outfitted with a harness and parachute and was on display in The Franklin Institute Science Museum in Philadelphia, PA. He was presented to us and we put him with our kite display from February, 2000 until February, 2002.
 Raspy is our newest edition to the family. He came to us in January, 2002 and belongs to Joyce. He made his first jump in October, 2007.